Pi Words

White paper filled with monospaced writing, printed without spaces in a tightly packed grid. In the center, some letters appear bolder, revealing the vague outline of the “pi” character
Print Date
Print Duration
1 hour, 15 minutes, 2 seconds
Paper Size
223×211 mm
Distance Drawn
20.92 m

A late-night experiment after researching single-line fonts. This plot uses the first 1429 digits of pi written out as text (enough to not leave a half–word at the end of the last line).

A view of the print still in place next to the AxiDraw printer

Pens used

  • uni PIN Fine Line

    Black, PIN 003-200 BLACK, Archival ink

The first printing pass was just the words. The “π” character was added during a second pass, where any characters within its boundary were plotted a second time.

Close-up of a small section of words