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White paper, covered in a grid of tiny, tightly-packed diagonal lines. The random directions produce interesting patterns and shapes
Print Date
Print Duration
4 hours, 14 minutes, 46 seconds
Paper Size
223×211 mm
Distance Drawn
35.57 m

One of my first plots, testing out the fidelity of the AxiDraw. It’s a simple idea, which I didn’t know had a name and well established background until coming across a tutorial on Generative Artistry.

Although the technique of randomly choosing left or right leaning diagonal lines was pretty straight-forward, putting this plot together required coming up with a grid system to position items in any number of rows/columns, which has become very useful in future plots.

Pens used

  • Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner

    Black, 88/46

Print details

Using a grid of 140x140 cells, my poor AxiDraw servo plotted 19,600 individual lines to draw this image. If I were to print this again, I'd definitely optimise the SVG first to join as many paths as possible.

A close-up view, with a ruler in view. A centimetre on the ruler equates to around 11 columns of pen strokes
A 1 cm section of ruler for scale