Upward Spiral

Black paper with metallic light-green ink. A regular circle at the bottom of the page and a skewed, elongated oval at the top of the page are joined by a tightly-packed spiral producing interesting effects as the lines overlap
Print Date
Print Duration
1 hour, 47 minutes, 32 seconds
Paper Size
210×297 cm (A4)
Distance Drawn
76.45 m

Continuing down my current road of playing with spirals led to this plot. It's generated using the same spiral code as my others, just with a few values tweaked within the trigonometric functions used to calculate the position of each point. Each point in the spiral gets a little extra multiplier value as the number of rotations increases.

With a little Perlin noise and a twist of the paper, this could start to resemble @revdancatt’s distinctive spiral plots, so I’ll probably pause this line of experimentation for now. If you like this, go buy one of his Ghosts!

Pens used

  • uni-ball Signo Metallic

    Green, UM-120NM, Archival ink
A close-up of an area where the overlapping spiral lines interact, creating interesting diamond-shaped patterns